Waring WMK600Do you and your family love waffles? The Waring WMK600 double Belgian waffle maker is an extraordinary gift for families who love their waffles. It doubles the pleasure of waffle making. The Waring waffle maker is capable of making two large Belgian waffles simultaneously allowing you to prepare a large breakfast for the family quickly and easily. This waffle maker has many interesting little features of interest and a couple little items which might slightly disappoint you. Let us take a look at the feature, benefits, and the very small issues which might annoy you.


Double Waffle Making Speeds Breakfast Preparation


One of the biggest complaints about most Belgian waffle makers is how much time it takes. Think about all the times you have been in a hotel and they have those great Belgian waffle makers for you to use in their breakfast bar. People are lined up waiting for their chance to use those waffle makers which produce one waffle at a time. The same thing can happen in your own home. If you are feeding a family of four no one wants to wait for their turn. Everyone wants their waffle now.

The Waring WMK600 double waffle maker has two sets of waffle plates, one on each side of the rotating cooking head. You fill up one side of the waffle maker with batter and then rotate it to the bottom and fill the opposite side. You can have two waffles cooked in approximately the same amount of time as cooking one, but there is even one more speed advantage this gives you.

Since each side of the waffle maker is independent, after you remove the waffle from the first side you can quickly refill it and rotate it to the bottom just in time to remove the second waffle from your first batch. You can turn your Waring Belgian waffle maker into a small waffle making factory and have a platter full of waffle fast.


Large Deep Waffles Cooked to Crispy Perfection


The Waring WMK600 makes very deep waffles. The waffle pockets are 1” deep giving you plenty of room for your delicious toppings. Those deep pockets can capture a river of maple syrup, blueberries, or your own favorite toppings. The depth of the pockets is not as impressive as the light and crispy surface the waffle iron produces. The waffles have the traditional Belgian appearance being

The waffle maker is designed to produce enough heat to quickly brown and seal the outer surface while allowing the interior batter to rise into a delightfully fluffy interior. The heat level is adjustable using a simple rotary dial to allow you to set the level of brown you prefer. Waring recommends starting using the WMK600 on a medium setting of 4. This produces a nice golden brown surface.

The WMK600 double Belgian waffle maker uses a non-stick coating on the waffle irons to make sure your waffles are easy to remove. This does not mean you should cook your waffles without using oil or butter to coat the surface. Waring recommends seasoning the cooking surface using cooking oil before you use the waffle maker the first time. Then when you cook waffles you should lightly coat the surface with oil, butter, or a cooking spray before adding the batter. This makes sure the waffles are easy to remove and eases cleanup.


Timers, Lights, and Beeps to Perfection


Have you ever been frustrated using a waffle iron that leaves you guessing if the waffle iron is hot enough, or when the waffles are finished? You never need to worry about those issues with the Waring Belgian waffle maker. The WMK600 is packed with tiny features which make use easy and ensure your waffles are cooked right every time.

The first item you will notice is the indicator beeps which tells you when the waffle maker is hot and ready to start cooking. The initial heating of the waffle maker takes approximately 5 minutes, but then it is ready to cook waffle after waffle. When the iron is hot you will hear a series of 6 beeps to let yo know it is ready. Keep in mind these beeps only happen on the first warm up. After you hear the beeps you can go ahead and add batter to both the top and bottom cooking surfaces.

Each of the cooking surfaces includes a small green LED indicator which turns on when the waffle is finished cooking. Along with the visual signal, you will hear a series of three beeps. Since you are loading the two sides at slightly different times you need to check which indicator light is on to make sure you remove the right waffle first. The amount of time the waffles cook is controlled by the rotary dial which is used to set your brownness level. Waring recommends a setting of 4, but most users report using a slightly higher setting of 4.5 gives them the best results.

Keep in mind if you adjust for higher or lower level of brownness you will need to wait a few moments for the waffle maker to adjust the heat. If you immediately add the batter you may be disappointed in the results. Turning up the heat one or two levels usually requires just a minute of heating time before it is ready.

The only other indicator light you will notice on the waffle maker is the red power light. This is embedded in the toggle power switch on the front of the waffle maker.


Is A Measuring Cup a Waffle Maker Feature?


This last feature we are going to mention may seem a little strange. The Waring WMK600 comes packaged with a measuring cup for you to use for pouring in your batter. Normally you would not consider a measuring cup a feature of a cooking appliance, but in this case, it is essential. The measuring cup allows you to precisely add the right amount of batter every time.

When you use the cup filled to the top if completely fills all of the waffle maker grooves and gives you a perfect waffle every time. This tiny addition by Waring helps to eliminate those ugly waffles which are partially filled or having batter squeezing out the sides when you close the lid.


Dimensions and Material of the Waring Double Belgian Waffle Maker


The Waring WMK600 waffle maker has a relatively small footprint similar in size to a 4 slice toaster. If you become a waffle addict like most owners you will want to clear a small space on your kitchen counter for it. The waffle maker is 7.5” High, 9.25” Wide, and 21” long. The waffle maker weighs approximately 10 pounds, which is light enough for easy movement.

The waffle maker has a brushed metal surface with the plates being coated with a non-stick cooking surface. The handles are made from black temperature resistant plastic.


Additional Information on the WMK600 Waffle Iron


There are a few other items we should point out. The waffle maker is very solidly constructed and gives you nice tactile feedback when you close the lid and rotate it 180 degrees to access the second cooking surface. You will feel a distinctive click assuring you the unit is in position and ready for you to open.

The waffle maker is very easy to operate and you will quickly discover your children can make their own waffles with ease. The surface is easy to clean with a damp rag.


Included Accessories


This may be our shortest list of accessories for any product we have reviewed. The Waring WMK600 includes only one accessory, the measuring cup. The most important accessory beyond that is your own imagination and a set of delicious waffle recipes included in the manual. You can use one of the Waring recipes or any Belgian waffle mix from the grocery store works fine, also.

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Pros for the Waring WMK600


The positive aspects of this waffle maker are excellent. It is relatively low in cost. The waffle maker is easy to use and produces two waffles at a time. It heats rapidly and manages to maintain heat well through cooking waffles repetitively for an entire family.


Cons of the Waring Double Waffle Maker


There is only one negative point which you may find annoying, especially if you are a cleanliness addict. You cannot remove the waffle plates for cleaning. The plates are permanently mounted to the unit, which is very common. Since the waffle maker cannot be immersed in water this leaves you with using only a damp cloth to wipe the surfaces. The surface does clean easily which helps reduce this from being a major issue.


Consumer Ratings


The Waring WMK600 Double Belgian waffle maker scores a home run in consumer ratings. It receives outstanding ratings and reviews on all top retail sites with nearly zero complaints and rarely any marks below perfection.




If your family loves waffles the Waring WMK600 Belgian waffle maker is highly recommended. The cost of the unit is very reasonable and is built to last. With the ability to cook two waffles at the same time you family will love it and you will avoid those battles between siblings who both want it NOW.

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