The Waring Pro WWM400SA Rotary Waffle Maker is an interesting candidate to consider for your home Belgian waffle maker. The waffle maker produces 7” diameter Belgian waffles with very deep pockets just like you want them. The feature which makes this waffle maker an intriguing entry for a flip Belgian waffle maker is the price. It is one of the lower prices waffle makers on the market and comes from a company who is well known for creating high quality products. Does the Waring Pro WWM400SA live up to the Waring reputation? Let us take a look.


Stick Free Waffle Making


An important feature on any modern waffle maker is a good non-stick surface. The Waring Pro Rotary Waffle Maker meets this requirement. There is a point which you need to keep in mind when evaluating non-stick surfaces on waffle makers. Every manufacturer of waffle makers recommends using oil, butter, or a non-stick spray on the surfaces before adding the batter.

The non-stick surface does an excellent job, but the fact you are working with deep grooves and pockets means there will always be a likelihood for some sticking. This is why Waring and other manufacturers always recommend using a non-stick cooking spray.

When you compare the waffle plates in the WWM400SA to other flip waffle makers you may feel slightly disappointed. They are lighter in construction which can lead to a minor issue with temperature retention between waffles.


Easy Waffle Production for Adults and Kids


The Waring Pro WWM400SA Belgian waffle maker cooks one waffle at a time taking approximately 5 minutes for each waffle. The single waffle design takes a little more time to prepare a large plate full of waffles than a dual waffle maker but it provides one big benefit for families.

A single iron waffle maker is much easier for your children to use. They open it using Waring’s included measuring cup to put in the perfect amount of batter and then close it for cooking. The only thing they need to remember to do is to flip the waffle maker when it beeps at them and then remove the waffle when it finishes cooking. We know remembering to remove the waffle will not be a problem. Your children will be standing in front of the waffle maker with their plate and fork impatiently waiting for the waffle to be ready.


Easy to Use Controls


The Waring Pro Rotary Pro waffle maker is very simple to use. You have only two items on the front panel to worry about. The first is the power switch and the second is the rotary brownness dial. Waring recommends starting off by cooking waffles with a medium setting and then making minor adjustments to find your preferred level of brownness. These simple controls are part of what makes this a good choice for families with children they trust to use the waffle maker.

The price is one added feature which makes this an ideal waffle maker for families with kids. If they manage to damage the waffle maker you have only invested a small amount.


Light Weight for Easy Movement and Storage


What will be the best choice for your family? Do you need a waffle maker which is easy to move around the kitchen and to put away in the cabinet? Do you need a waffle maker which is solid, permanent, and not going to be moved easily?

This brings us to an interesting comparison of waffle makers. Some higher priced waffle makers weigh over 20 pounds. These waffle makers are not easy to move around. The Waring Pro WWM400SA waffle maker is only 9 pounds. This lighter weight makes it easy for your children to move and easy for you. This difference in weight does have one drawback. Your Waring Rotary Waffle Maker will lose heat easier when it is standing open.

Dimensions, Color, and Other Physical Traits


The Waring Pro WWM400SA has the following dimensions:

  • Height: 7.5 Inches
  • Width: 9.25 Inches
  • Depth: 21 Inches
  • Weight: 9 Pounds

The waffle maker is colored with a combination of brushed metal and black. The waffle maker uses a set of rubber feet to help eliminate slippage on the counter top. The locking handle is made from temperature resistant plastic which remains cool to the touch while cooking waffles.


Additional Information


The WWM400SA comes with a 90-day warranty from Waring. This short warranty is one of the reasons the cost remains so low on this unit. Keep this warranty information in mind as you evaluate your choices of waffle makers. Hopefully, you never need the warranty but it is a feature which adds value if you are buying a waffle maker you expect to last years.


Included and Recommended Accessories


There is only one accessory which comes bundled with the Waring Pro waffle maker which is their measuring cup. This minor item actually has major importance when you are letting your children make waffles. The measuring cup allows them to always get the right amount of waffle batter and eliminates problems with excess batter squishing out the sides creating a mess.

There are a few accessories we would highly recommend you purchase with your waffle maker. The first two are cooking utensils. With any waffle maker with a non-stick surface, you should only use heat resistant nylon or plastic tipped cooking utensils. If you do not already own waffle tongs or a waffle fork add it to your list to buy. It will make the job of removing waffles much easier.

The final recommendation is to never order your Waring Waffle Maker without ordering waffle mix to use with it. While you will find some excellent recipes in the user manual you will want to start cooking as soon as you open the box at home. Belgian waffle mixes from Golden Malted, Classique Fare, and Krusteaz works great with the Waring Pro.

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Pros of the Waring Pro WWM400SA Waffle Maker


The number two most important points of this waffle maker are price and ease of use. The low cost makes this an affordable waffle maker for any family or a great gift. The ease of use makes it ideal for families with older children.

Another positive point is the lightweight which makes it easy to move.


Cons of the Waring Rotary Waffle Maker


Now we need to briefly cover a few issues which might steer you away from this waffle maker. Let us quickly list a few of the negative points:

  • Lightweight construction makes the unit easier to break.
  • Short 90-day warranty. One of the shortest warranties in the waffle maker market.
  • Slow cooking speed.

The Waring Pro waffle maker cooks a single waffle every 5 to 6 minutes. Compare this to a dual sided waffle maker which can produce 2 waffles over 4 minutes. If you are cooking waffles for a large family this waffle maker may leave you frustrated. If your family eats in shifts the Waring Pro will do a great job for you.

If you are beginning to feel these cons are giving you a recommendation to not buy you need to keep reading. The consumer ratings will give you some interesting food for thought.


Consumer Ratings


In another recent review, we mentioned the fact that high priced items drove expectations higher and sometimes caused ratings to decrease. In this case, the low price drives expectations down and consumer ratings higher. The Waring Pro WWM400SA Rotary Waffle Maker manages to get excellent ratings on numerous retail sites. This is even though customers mention minor issues with the waffle makers.

As you evaluate this waffle maker keep value in mind. It provides excellent value for the price. The minor issues which are being accepted or overlooked in online reviews are due to buyers being happy with their purchase because the price to performance ratio is very high. There is a good chance you will join the crowd of people who express their joy with purchasing the WWM400SA waffle maker from Waring.




Are you sitting on the fence trying to make a decision if you should buy a waffle maker or not? Is price stopping you? The Waring Pro WWM400SA is almost a no-thought purchase recommendation. The price to performance value is very high.

Even though the Waring warranty is only 90 days the product reviews indicate customer satisfaction extending long beyond the warranty time with nearly zero complaints of product failures.

This waffle maker is not ideal for all users due to the lightweight construction and slower cooking times but is ideal for many families. If you know you will only be cooking small volumes of waffles and may have children involved this waffle maker is an extraordinary value.

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