Are you confused by the name of this waffle maker? What kind of boat are you making? The Villaware 2007 series waffle maker is a fun surprise for the creation of waffles perfect for breakfast or dessert. It is called a boat maker because of the shape of the waffle. The waffle is oblong and has a deep pocket on one side with a raised edge to help contain syrup or your dessert toppings. These boat waffles would be perfect topped with fresh strawberries and a tower of whipped cream. It is time to take a little closer look at this waffle maker.


Uniquely Shaped Waffles


The most distinctive feature of this waffle maker is the shape of the waffles it produces. We have become accustomed to Belgian waffles being either round or square. In this case, the waffles are a nice oblong shape. The first thing you will quickly notice when you look at the interior of the Villaware Waffle Boat Maker is the very deep along the edges of the bottom surface. The center area, where the traditional waffle pattern is found, is much thinner than the outer rim. The top surface looks just as you would expect from a waffle maker. Those deep grooves on the bottom are to create the “boat” edge for containing all of your toppings.

You may wonder how Villaware deals with this variable depth in cooking the entire waffle evenly. This is one of the areas which may not be ideal for all users. You will see some variable crispiness in areas of the waffle due to the difference in thickness. Most buyers are happy with the results, but a few do report concerns.


Brownness Adjustment and Cooking Features


The Villaware 2007 UNO Series Waffle maker gives you great control of the level of brownness you desire. The adjustment is handled by a simple slide switch on the front edge of the waffle maker. The different levels of brownness are clearly labeled and allow you to create waffles exactly as each family member desires. Keep in mind with the variable thickness introduced with the boat shape choosing the highest levels of brownness can lead to some edges becoming overcooked. You will need to use a little trial and error to discover what the perfect balance is for you.

The Villaware 2007 waffle maker is equipped with heat sensors which tell you when the waffle maker has reached the perfect temperature for cooking and if it needs to reheat before starting the next batch. Villaware uses a combination of a green indicator light and an audible bell to inform you when the waffle iron is ready.

The waffle maker gives you an audible signal when the waffles are finished cooking, also. This helps to eliminate opening the waffle maker when they are still uncooked and tearing the waffles apart.


Heating, Power, and the Missing Feature


The Villaware 2007 series waffle boat maker uses approximately 1500 watts of power while cooking. You can always tell when the waffle maker is on by the bright red light on the front. The waffle maker takes slightly longer to heat than some comparable waffle makers. You should allow approximately 8 minutes making sure the waffle iron is ready for cooking.

The missing feature is a power switch. Look the waffle maker over carefully and you will notice there is no power switch to be found. Once you plug it in the red light comes on and it starts to heat. It is fine if you intend to put away the waffle maker consistently, but what if you had intended to leave it in a breakfast nook for regular morning cooking? This small missing feature is not a major issue, but it is a surprising one to leave off.

Size, Weight, and Appearance of the Villaware 2007 UNO Series Waffle Maker


The Villaware Waffle Boat Maker is in round shape, the exterior case being approximately 8 inches in diameter. The front mounted controls and handle plus the hinge on the rear of the waffle maker increase the depth of the waffle maker to nearly 11 inches. This Villaware waffle maker is light and easy to handle with a weight of only 5.4 pounds.

The case of the waffle maker is a bright chromed finish with ribs running from front to back. The front mounted handle is made from black heat resistant plastic.


Additional Information


There are a few other minor items you should be aware of on the Villaware Waffle Boat Maker. The handle for opening and closing the waffle maker is created from a cool-touch material which eliminates the need to use a hot pad while using the waffle maker. Villaware included a cord wrap on the rear of the waffle maker which is a nice added touch. The wrap helps to eliminate damage to the cord and makes storage of the waffle maker easier.

An important feature of the waffle maker is the warranty. Villaware provides a three-year warranty on this product which is one of the longest warranties you will find on any home cooking appliance. This indicates how confident Villaware is the product is made to last.

Cleaning of the Villaware 2007 UNO Series waffle maker requires using a soft cloth or brush to clean the exterior and interior. The waffle maker is not submersible in water. Villaware recommends if waffle batter becomes stubbornly embedded in the waffle maker to soak it with vegetable oil for a few minutes and then try to clean again using s soft cloth. It is important you never use abrasive cleaners or metal utensils on the non-stick surface of the waffle maker. Scratching the surface will damage the non-stick coating and lead to waffles sticking to the surface.

Villaware recommends always using a light coating of oil or a non-stick cooking spray when baking your waffles. This makes waffle removal easy and helps to provide that crispy texture we enjoy on the outside of waffles.

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Pros of the Villaware Waffle Boat Maker


The number one benefit of the Villaware 2007 UNO Series waffle boat maker is the shape of the waffles. These oblong waffles with their deep pocket will be a big hit at parties and for breakfast. The deep pocket allows you to stuff the waffles with many types of decadent toppings including fresh fruits, whipped cream, or even ice cream.

The easy to use controls and simple operation of the waffle maker make it easy for both adults and older children to use.

One of the most outstanding features is the three-year warranty. You can buy this product with confidence it will last or will be replaced by Villaware.


Cons of the Waffle Maker


The negative aspects of the waffle maker are very limited. The important missing feature is an on and off switch. Having the power turn on the instant you plug in the waffle maker is not ideal.

The second minor issue is the inconsistent cooking of the waffles. This inconsistency is caused by the variable thickness of the waffle due to the boat shape. You will need to practice with your waffle maker to get the right brownness setting to cook your waffles perfectly without scorching the thinner areas of the waffle.


Consumer Ratings for the Villaware Waffle Boat Maker


The consumer ratings for this waffle maker are well above average. Buyers consistently rave about the ease of use, simple operation, and the quality of the waffles produces. The negative comments from buyers consist primarily of complaints about the inconsistent cooking and the preciseness which must be used for the batter.

As one reviewer pointed out, this waffle maker is not the perfect waffle maker for people just seeking to make a great waffle for breakfast every day. It is an ideal waffle maker for those people who enjoy using waffles for breakfast and for their desserts. The deep well of the boat shaped waffles is not necessary when you plan to eat your waffles with syrup, but become a nice feature when you start adding fruit, whipped toppings, and other fun toppings.

Customer service from Villaware is given high marks by most reviewers and when combined with their 3-year warranty it makes an important buying feature.




The Villaware 2007 UNO Series Waffle Boat Maker is not the perfect waffle maker for everyone. It is a great waffle maker which produces high-quality waffles, but which are slightly smaller than most Belgian waffle lovers are used to. The real niche for this waffle maker is for people who love to top their waffles with fruits and other toppings with higher volume. The boat shaped waffles with their deep pocket for holding toppings make them an ideal snack, dessert, or sinfully delicious breakfast treat. The overall quality, strong warranty, and ease of use make this a waffle maker you should definitely consider, especially if you love to stuff your waffle with toppings.

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