KitchenAid produces mixers, food processors, and blenders which usually stand at the top of their respective categories, but can the KitchenAid KFP750WH food processor manage that feat? This food processor has some very impressive features, but also has a few quirks you will want to consider before making your purchase. It is important you understand both the strong points and the weak points of this powerful food processor to be certain you buy what you truly need. We will start off covering a few of the great features of the mixer and then jump into a few of the curiosities of this Kitchen Aid kitchen machine.


Power and Control


The first feature we are going to cover is the power and control system of the KFP750WH. KitchenAid packed this food processor with a powerful 700-watt motor which will provide you with plenty of slicing, dicing, and grating power for every kitchen job. The motor is controlled by a series of three push buttons on the front edge of the food processor. The first button is a simple on switch with the off switch placed directly beside it. The final button is the pulse button which allows you to do short bursts of power for finer cutting and dicing jobs.

You will notice that KitchenAid elected not to include any type of speed control. This is very common in most food processors but can cause a few minor limitations. The sizzling motor speeds you need for slicing potatoes or whipping cream may be far too fast for mixing bread dough. KitchenAid includes a dough blade, so obviously they intend you to be able to use it for a variety of mixing jobs. In this case, the KitchenAid food processor does an excellent job of mixing and kneading dough, but this is not true on all single speed food processors.

With power comes the necessity for outstanding safety features. KitchenAid included a dual-lock system which requires both the lid and the bowl to be locked in proper position before the motor engages.


Dual Bowl Sizes for Large and Small Jobs


This KitchenAid food processor is bundled with 2 different work bowls. Your primary bowl is a 12-cup bowl with a sealing lid. Both the bowl and lid must be securely locked in place for the food processor’s motor to operate. Both bowls are made of high-quality clear plastic. The lids are clear plastic making it easy to see the food inside the mixing bowls. Clear plastic is highly preferred to white since white tends to stain easily from carrots, tomatoes, and other foods high in deep red, orange, and yellow colors.

The 12-cup capacity is for dry ingredients, vegetables, and other foods. The liquid capacity of the food processor is approximately 6-cups. This should be a minor issue since most food processing jobs are focused on grating, shredding, slicing, and mixing or items which use far less than 6 cups of liquid.

The 12-cup work bowl lid has a tall food tube with a wide mouth. The food pushing assembly is two-piece allowing you to use the wide mouth feed tube for large potatoes, onions, or other large items. When you are going to add liquid, powdered ingredients, or other small items you can open a cover on the food pusher to turn it into a narrow mouth food tube. This helps prevent liquid, flour, and other ingredients from flying out of the extra wide opening.

The second bowl is a 4-cup mini bowl. The mini-bowl comes with its own special mini-blade which is ideal for chopping nuts, mincing onions, and other kitchen chopping chores. The mini-bowl is not a stand-alone bowl. It is an insert into the 12-cup work bowl. This is another of the intriguing curiosities of this machine.

Being an insert eliminates the possibility of leaving ingredients in the main work bowl while you use the mini-bowl. On the positive side, it reduces the chances of getting ingredients tossed around the kitchen since they will be caught in the work bowl. The mini-bowl has a similar restriction on liquid capacity. You should only fill it approximately half full with liquid.


Excellent Variety of Cutting and Shredding Tools


Power and high-quality bowls are useless if you do not have the right tools to do the job. KitchenAid has made sure you are ready to get into action the moment you have unboxed your KFP750WH. You will be ready to mix bread, pizza, and pasta dough. You can slice vegetables in both thin and medium slices. You are ready to shred cheese, cabbage, and carrots with an all-purpose medium shredding disc. The multipurpose blade will allow you to do a variety of stirring, mixing, and cutting jobs.

If you are unsure of what you wish to try first, you can just pull out the great user manual KitchenAid includes with this food processor. It is packed with 28 pages of recipes and usage ideas, a very nice bonus from KitchenAid.


A Strong Warranty is Proof of Manufacturer Confidence


KitchenAid has included their 1-year hassle-free warranty on the KFP750WH. If you are not familiar with KitchenAid’s warranty, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Their warranty is one of the most exceptional in the industry. If your unit fails during the warranty period KitchenAid sends out a replacement unit prepaid and send along a return shipping label. The real surprise is the fact you get a full new 1-year warranty with the replacement unit. That is a very generous gesture by KitchenAid.

There are a few minor items excluded in the warranty, but they are the same exclusions as every other brand. They do not cover misuse, abuse, modifications, or accidental damage. KitchenAid obviously believes in their products and stands behind them very powerfully. This is something to consider carefully when choosing your food processor.


Dimensions, Weight, and Color


The KitchenAid KFP750WH is a hefty machine which will take up a big chunk of counter space. Luckily it provides great benefits for the space it does use. Below are the dimensions and other physical attributes:

  • Height – 16 1/8”
  • Depth – 10 ½”
  • Width – 8 5/16”
  • Weight – 26 pounds (Bulky enough that you will not want to move it often.)
  • Color – White plastic base, clear plastic bowls and lids.


Accessories and Parts Included with Your KitchenAid Food Processor


The following items are included in the box for the KFP750WH bundle:

  • 12 Cup Work Bowl
  • 4 Cup Mini Bowl (Insert for the work bowl.)
  • Work Bowl Cover with Wide Mouth Feed Tube
  • 2 Piece Food Pusher (Can be used for wide mouth items and as a narrow mouth push tube.)
  • Multi-Purpose Blade – Your all-purpose blade for chopping, mincing, blending, mixing, and liquefying.
  • Dough Blade – For mixing your yeast breads, pizza crusts, and pasta.
  • Disc Stem – Must be installed to use all slicing and grating discs.
  • Fine Slicing Disc (2mm) – This produces very thin slices. Works great with frozen foods.
  • Medium Slicing Disc (4mm) – Works for slicing most vegetables and meats.
  • Medium Shredding Disc (4mm) – Good for harder vegetables and fruits like apples, carrots, and cabbage.
  • Mini Multi-Purpose Blade – For use in the 4-cup mini bowl.
  • Spatula – KitchenAid includes a high-quality plastic spatula for cleaning and scraping. Keep in mind this can only be done with the food processor powered off.
  • Accessory Case – Holds all of your blades and accessories for storage.
  • User Manual – Includes a variety of great recipes to try.


Optional Accessories


Following are the wide array of optional accessories KitchenAid has made available for this food processor. There is a few which you may consider essentials.

  • Fine Shredding Disc (2mm)
  • Thick Shredding Disc (6mm)
  • Thick Slicing Disc (6mm) – Perfect for those thick chunks of carrots and celery for soups. You may want this for thicker slices of potatoes for fried potatoes, also.
  • Julienne Disc
  • French Fry Disc – Is this an essential for homes with children?
  • Grating Disc – Used for grating ice, Parmesan cheese, and other hard foods.
  • Chef’s Bowl – 10 cup bowl. This is an insert for the 12-cup bowl and is not a stand-alone bowl.
  • Citrus Press and Juice Extractor
  • Egg Whip Blade
  • 12 Cup Work Bowl with Standard Feed Tube (Narrow mouth)

One bundle you should consider getting with your food processor is KitchenAid’s 5-disc bundle. It includes the thick slicing, French fry, Julienne, thick shredding, and grating blades and discs. This would give you great all-around coverage of your common food processing needs. In addition to the above mentioned accessories, you can also get these extra parts if you want to have spares on hand.

  • 12 Cup Work Bowl with wide mouth feed tube.
  • 4 Cup Mini Bowl
  • Replacement blades and discs.
  • Disc Stems

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Pros and Cons


What are the strong points and weak points of the mixer? Below are the items we discovered:




  • Very powerful with the 700-watt motor.
  • Amazing No-Hassle Warranty
  • High-quality bowls and blades which are dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to use with only 3 control buttons.
  • An excellent manual which includes recipes.
  • Good variety of blades and discs included in the base bundle.
  • Steady on a counter.
  • Excellent Safety – Both bowl and lid must be locked in place for the motor to operate.




  • Liquid capacity is only half of bowl height. It will leak liquid if you exceed the marked height.
  • Lacks variable speeds.
  • Slightly heavy for moving. (Note: This adds to the stability.)
  • Should have included thick slicing blades.
  • Two part handle on 12-cup bowl may trap water.


Consumer Ratings


Over 92% of purchasers rate this product as a good buy, with over 88% giving it outstanding ratings. As you check reviews on the product you will run into only one major complaint which has to do with the liquid capacity. Due to the food processors design, it can only work with liquids up to the marks on the bowl. These marks are approximately half way up the side of the bowl.

If you exceed that capacity with liquids it will go over the center stem seal and you will have a liquid leak. This is a very common limitation in food processors, so is not specific to the KitchenAid KFP750WH.

The second most common issue listed is surprised the mini bowl is not a stand-alone bowl. As we mentioned previously, the included mini-bowl and the 10-cup optional Chef’s bowl are both inserts for the 12-cup work bowl. If you need additional bowls for your cooking projects make sure you buy the 12-cup work bowls and not the insert bowls. The mini bowl is very useful for chopping and mixing small quantities of vegetables, nuts, and other ingredients but you will need to make sure your work bowl is clean and available to use it.


Price and Value


This KitchenAid food processor is priced very competitively with products from Braun, Cuisinart, and other manufacturers. You will discover the value may be higher when you factor in the included accessories and KitchenAid’s outstanding warranty.




This food processor is ideal for families who do not plan to use their food processor for high liquid recipes. If you were considering using your food processor for mixing up batches of beverages instead of pulling out the blender, this would not be the right food processor for you.

If your family needs an all-purpose food processor with power, ease of use and high durability the KitchenAid KFP750WH is an excellent choice. You will be highly pleased with the ease of three button operation, easy clean-up, and the excellent support from KitchenAid. Do not forget to add in the optional 5 discs set to make this the top kitchen tool in your home.

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