Cleaning your electric griddle doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It may actually be a lot easier than it seems. All you need to do is follow a few key steps and your griddle will be good as new in no time. This article is going to help you out by going through the steps required to make sure you stay safe while getting your griddle clean as well as doing an efficient job that will leave it in perfect shape for the next time you need to cook something delicious.

Cleaning An Electric Griddle

The first step is going to be the most important, because it’s what will keep you safe as you do the cleaning. Before doing anything, you’ll need to unplug the griddle and give it some time to cool down. That way, you don’t end up burning yourself while you clean it. Once it has cooled off, make sure to remove the drip pan and set it into the sink so that it can be cleaned separately. Otherwise it may stand a chance of blocking off an area that you may need to clean, or can get areas dirty again.

Next, wipe down the cooled surface of the griddle with a paper towel to get off any excess grease. You’re going to want to keep getting new paper towels and continue working until no more oils can be seen sticking to the paper towel. This is just going to make the overall job of getting the griddle clean a lot easier because you’ll be able to focus on the actual food particles rather than having to clean through layers of grease. After you’ve thrown away the paper towels, you’ll be able to get started on the rest of the cleaning process.

The next step is to get a non-abrasive sponge wet and then squeeze the majority of the water out of it so it’s just damp. Then, place a few drops of a dish detergent onto the sponge so that it’s ready to get scrubbing. Start washing down the surface of the griddle. If you find that you have stubborn bits of food that remain stuck to the griddle then feel free to add a little extra detergent to help ease the food off the surface.

Make sure to get all the food off the griddle, scrubbing it as much as you need to get it clean. If you need to, you can allow the griddle to rest for a few minutes with a solution of detergent and water on the areas that are going to need more work. That way, the food bits will be easier to get off while scrubbing and you won’t have to strain yourself as hard in the process.

Once you’ve removed all the food particles, rinse out your sponge and then dampen it again in order to wipe down the griddle and remove all the detergent left over from the wash. This is an important part of the process because leftover soap can dry onto the griddle and then cause the next meal to taste strangely. You’ll want to get all the soap off the griddle and leave it completely clean for the next use. Lastly, get a clean cloth damp and run it over the surface to pick up any small remaining bits of soap and allow it to air dry until the next time you use it.


When it comes to cleaning an electric griddle, it’s important to take it step by step so that you can make sure your griddle not only gets clean but you stay safe in the process. Each step is an important part of the process that allows you to make sure your griddle is perfectly ready for the next use and won’t leave particles of old food or soap that can give the next thing you cook a strange taste. If needed, you may want to let your griddle sit for a while with some added dish soap on the areas that have more build up. That gives the soap time to eat away at the food and make it easier to remove.

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