Hamilton Beach CPM700How excited would you to be to find a commercial grade mixer at a price level associated to many higher-priced home mixers? The Hamilton Beach CPM700 stand mixer is a very intriguing entry in the market which provides superior power, exceptional features, and appears heavy-duty from every angle. This 7-quart stand mixer gives you higher capacity than home stand mixers and is sized perfectly for bakers, restaurants, and other commercial functions. Whether you are looking for a high-grade mixer for your business or home, this is one mixer you need to look at very closely. It is time to take a look at the features of the CPM700.


Shocking Power for the Money


The Hamilton Beach CPM700 is going to shock you with its power and capability. The stand mixer is equipped with an 800 watt motor putting it squarely on par with high-quality commercial mixers in the 6 to 10 quart range. What is shocking about the power is finding it in a mixer at such a reasonable price.

Many top end mixers for home use are priced in the same range and only have 325 watt motors and have 5-quart bowls. The 800 watts of power allows you to knead several loaves of bread at one time with ease. Can you picture making 7 quarts of mashed potatoes at one time and never worrying if the mixer can handle it? With this much power the Hamilton Beach mixer will do the job. You will never worry about seeing your mixer smoking on Thanksgiving morning as you try to make the huge batch of mashed potatoes to feed your hungry army.


All-Metal Construction


There are a few pieces of plastic trim on the Hamilton Beach CPM700 7-quart stand mixer, but overall the construction is all-metal. The body of the mixer is made from die-cast aluminum. The bowl is stainless steel. Even the included beaters are all-metal. This gives you the durability and strength you need for your big mixing jobs.

An all-metal construction gives you are couple other nice bonuses, too. First, the metal surfaces are very easy to clean. You will not need to spend extra time scrubbing and cleaning because you the surfaces easily release the left over dough and batter. The other important factor is heat dissipation. A powerful mixer produces a high amount of heat. When the heat is trapped inside a plastic housing the motor it reduces the life span of the motor. The design is beautiful, functional, and sensible.


Variable Control Mixing Speed


Some of the best mixers on the market have very limited speed adjustments. At first glance at the controls of the CPM700 you get the impression there are only 6-speeds. There are actually 8 different settings available. You will notice on the mixer a setting for minimum and maximum which stands apart from the numbered settings in between. Minimum is the speed you will commonly use when starting your mixing process to make sure you are not creating snow storm of flour in your kitchen. Maximum is the speed you will crank your mixer to for producing amazing speed to whip tall meringues, towering piles of whipped cream, and ultra-fluffy whipped desserts.

The one thing common at all speed settings is the power present behind them. That 800 watt motor makes sure your beaters keep moving and powering through your ingredients at any speed level.


Ease of Use Features


Some stand mixers are difficult to use. They are hard to clean and tough to add ingredients to. The CPM700 from Hamilton Beach uses a pop-up head which swivels, or hinges, up and out of the bowl. This makes it very easy to install or remove the beaters. Being able to clear the head away from the bowl also makes it very easy for adding ingredients or doing a quick swipe through the bowl with your spatula.

When you lift the head the power is immediately cut from the beaters making sure there is no risk of injury or throwing batter around the kitchen. Hamilton Beach still recommend you always turn off the power and unplug the mixer before changing beaters, but this added touch of safety could save your fingers when you get in a hurry and forget, or when children are around.

One item which is missing on many mixers is a start button. You turn the power adjustment knob and the mixer comes on immediately. How often have you turned your mixer to a setting which was too high or too low and ran into trouble right away? With the CPM700 you set the power and then press the large green start button to engage the motor and start mixing.

Have you ever bought a mixer and then noted in the instruction you are supposed to turn it off every two to three minutes when working with heavy mixing jobs? This is to prevent the motor from overheating when it is under heavy loads. Hamilton Beach decided to take a different direction with the CPM700 and install a heat sensor and automatic shut off. When you are mixing the heavy bread dough and walk away for a few minutes you can be confident the motor is not going to get stuck and burn up. If the motor begins to get hot it automatically shuts off until it cools down.


Top Quality Mixing Bowl


It is sad how many high quality mixers come with horrendous bowls. Thankfully that is not the case with this Hamilton Beach stand mixer. It is bundled with a 7-quart stainless steel bowl which is one of the easiest to handle on the market.

The bowl is equipped with handles to make it easy to lock into place, remove from the mixer, and to carry. The handles make it much easier to pour batter or to hold while you scrape the meringue onto your pies.


Dimensions, Color, and Other Physical Characteristics


The Hamilton Beach CPM700 is not a tiny little mixer you are going to hideaway out of view. This is a serious commercial sized mixer which takes up space on the counter. Here are the physical dimensions so you can plan your space:

  • Height: 13 7/8 Inches
  • Width: 15 ½ Inches
  • Depth: 9 3/8 Inches

Keep in mind as you plan your space that your mixer needs to have the controls facing out which presents you with the wide side.

The mixer weight just over 23 pounds which makes it comparable to other high-quality stand mixers of similar capability. This makes the mixer a little difficult to move, but is an important factor in performance. High power motors, like the 800 watt motor in this mixer, are heavy. The weight contributes to the stability of the mixer when you turn it on to high speeds, also. If it was light in weight the mixer would likely scoot across your counter top due to the centrifugal forces created by the high speed beaters.

The mixer is available in only one color, bright shiny metal. Having a mixer colored to match a home kitchen can be pleasant, but the all metal surface provides easier cleanup and fits perfectly into most home and commercial kitchens.


Additional Information


One important tidbit of information we did not mention previously is about an item tucked invisibly inside the mixer. The gears are 100% metal. You might assume this is true of most high-quality mixers, but you will discover more and more mixers are not using plastic or nylon gears. Metal gears can stand up to the heat generated during heavy mixing jobs, which cannot always be said about nylon gears.

You can find numerous references on other mixers where they have failed due to a nylon gear decaying from heat and the gears teeth wearing away. This will not happen on the Hamilton Beach CPM700. Those metal gears are what separate it from being a good quality home mixer to being a heavy duty commercial grade mixer.


Included and Optional Accessories for Your Hamilton Beach CPM700 Mixer


Everything you need to start mixing can be found in the box of your new CPM700 mixer. It includes all of the following items:

  • 7-quart stainless steel mixing bowl with handles.
  • Spatula
  • Bread hook – Pizza dough, biscuits, yeast breads, they can all be mixed with the hook.
  • Flat Beater – Used for standard mixing jobs ranging from pancake batter to Grandma’s meatloaf.
  • Wire Whip –The beater for aeration mixing. This is the beater you will use for whipped cream.

Now for the shocking news about this mixer, you will not find any mention of add-on accessories on the Hamilton Beach website, their retail outlets, or in the user manual. This is a commercial mixer designed for a single purpose, mixing things powerfully and completely. This can either be a blessing to you or a curse if you were hoping to find a mixer which did multiple other tasks.

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Pros of the Hamilton Beach 7-Quart Stand Mixer


The pros must start with the most outstanding feature of the mixer, power. The 800 watt motor puts this mixer at the head of the class for providing power for a mixer in its price class. The power is backed up with all metal gears, a well-designed control system, and durability.

The stainless steel mixing bowl is another excellent feature on the mixer. The inclusion of strong handles on the bowl makes it easy to handle both on the mixer and off.

The orbital head motion of the mixer provides good mixing capability.


Cons – The Few Negative Aspects of the CPM700 Mixer from Hamilton Beach


The first con is something which might catch you off-guard. It is the inclusion of a spatula in the kit. Why is this troublesome? This inclusion, along with mentions in the user manual, makes it clear you will be using the spatula on a regular basis. This makes it clear the orbital action may not reach the close tolerances to the bowl edges that some other brands achieve.

Another minor issue with the mixer is the lack of add-on accessories. For commercial use this is probably not troubling at all. You are buying the mixer for mixing, not other functions. For home users, they often want to have the ability to add-on accessories for pasta, juicing, and other food processing tasks. Only you can decide if this is a hindrance or an aid in use.


Consumer Ratings


The consumer ratings and reviews for the Hamilton Beach CPM700 stand mixer are above average. People comment regularly on the power, performance, and ease of use. A common complaint lodged about the mixer concerns vibration at lower speeds. This is often caused by individuals attempting to step up the speed too quickly.

You should be aware the volume of buyer reviews and ratings are much smaller than for some other brands. This is due to the mixer being targeted towards commercial use not home use.


Conclusion and Final Opinion


The Hamilton Beach CPM700 is a strong contender in the market place due to power. The all-steel construction adds to the overall appeal of the mixer. For many home users the lack of add-on accessories may discourage them from buying the mixer. For commercial use the lack of accessories is often a good sign keeping the mixer focused on the job it was purchased for.

The best advice which can be offered is to consider how you plan to use your mixer carefully. If you are looking for a high power option and do not require added capabilities the Hamilton Beach CPM700 should be very high on your list of options. It provides you with performance levels usually reserved for models costing hundreds of dollars more. Hamilton Beach is a strong contender in the market and provides good quality customer support to both commercial and home buyers of their products. The mixer may not have all the features of many KitchenAid models, but then again, it does not have the same price to performance ratio either. Does the CPM700 meet your needs?

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