Braun MultiQuick 3 K650The Braun MultiQuick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine is their entry into a light weight food processor. Do not allow the term lightweight to deceive you. This is a high-quality powerful food processor from Braun but is not targeted for professional use or high volume use at home. This food processor is designed for the average home user and has features most of us desire. Below we take a closer look at the important features of the K650 food processor.


Power to Match Your Tough Food Preparation Jobs


The Braun K650 uses a 600-watt motor to provide the power you need for mixing, kneading, and chopping in your kitchen. This provides you with ample power for mixing yeast bread dough, stiff cake batters, and other tough mixing jobs.

The motor is controlled through a 15 position variable speed dial. The dial allows you to control speeds from a slow 300 RPM up to a sizzling fast 2000 RPM. As you have probably seen in your research, many comparably priced food processors do not have this wide range of speed selections. This feature helps separate Braun from the competitors. The variable speed allows you to choose a comfortably slow speed for slicing onions or the rapid speed you want for whipping toppings.

Braun has included a separate on/off switch which sits directly beside the speed dial. Centered in the on/off switch is a blue push-button which is used for pulse mixing and cutting. This gives you the precise control you need for perfect chopping or to gently blend in dry ingredients before starting a more rapid mixing action. Some food processor owners claim a single speed food processor with pulse is adequate. That would be true if your only tasks were slicing, dicing, and cutting, but when it comes to mixing tasks multiple speeds can be very important. Do not overlook this feature as you evaluate food processors, especially if you intend to use if for mixing tasks.

You will want to take a few minutes to read the user manual for your kitchen machine. Braun has taken the time to list out the proper speeds for a variety of tasks so you do not need to experiment. A few examples include:

  • Fine Slicing Blade – Speed setting 1 for cucumbers, potatoes, and onions.
  • Fine Shredding Blade – Speed setting 5 for soft cheeses, apples, and potatoes.
  • Grating Blade – Speeds 10 and above for horseradish, parmesan cheese, and other harder ingredients.
  • Whipping Blade – Speed 15 for whipping eggs or whipped cream.

Variable speeds allow you to have the control to get the clean cuts and stirring actions you want instead of hoping for the best. Precise control gives precise results.


Safety Features to Protect You and Your Food Processor


The MultiQuick 3 K650 includes several important safety features. The first are two safeties found in the bowl. The bowl must be securely locked into place on the motor base before the motor will start. The bowl lid must be properly locked in place for the motor to start, also. If you attempt to open the lid while the food processor is being used the motor immediately shuts off. These features aid in your protection.

The second safety feature is designed to protect your food processor from damage. Braun has included overload and overheat sensors which shut off the K650 kitchen machine if it becomes overloaded. The on/off switch must be reset to off and the mixer allowed cooling for 15 minutes before the motor will restart. This protects both the motor of the Braun food processor and helps eliminate the possibility of fire.


Good Capacity Mix Bowl


The mixing bowl included with this Braun food processor can hold up to 2 quarts of ingredients, including liquid. (Note: Braun lists this as 2 quarts in the US and 2 liters internationally.) As you compare food processors check the liquid capacity carefully. You will notice many comparable food processors limit your liquid capacity to approximately half the volume of the mixing bowl.

Using your Braun for mixing bread, pasta, and pastries dough changes your capacity dramatically. Braun recommends not trying to mix over 2 cups of flour in one cycle. If you are a high volume baker you may find this a limiting factor. This food processor will not replace the need for a good quality stand mixer for people who enjoy baking high volumes of yeast bread.


Flexible Use – A Food Processor’s Most Important Feature


The reason anyone wants a food processor is due to their amazing flexibility. This is one area where the Braun K650 stands out. Braun has included a wide variety of cutting blades for chopping, shredding, grating, slicing, plus the addition of high quality mixing blades.

Your K650 can be used for mincing garlic, chopping nuts, slicing French fries, whipping up an ice cream shake, or kneading a small batch of cinnamon rolls. The highly variable speed control helps you manage all of those tasks with ease.

Since this food processor is highly versatile easy cleanup becomes essential. You may wish to use the food processor for a variety of tasks while preparing a single meal. The bowl, blades, and other attachments are all easily cleaned with soap and water. All components except the motor base can be immersed in water and are dishwasher safe. The motor base can be cleaned with a damp cloth but must not be immersed in water.


Dimensions, Weight, and Color


The K650 is easy to move around on your kitchen cabinet, but you will probably wish to keep it located near the drawer where you store all of the included accessories. This Braun kitchen machine has the following physical attributes:

  • Size – 16.4” wide, 14.9” tall, and 11.1” deep.
  • Weight – 6 pounds (Shipping weight is 10 pounds.)
  • Color – Base unit is white with blue controls. The bowl is clear.

Make sure you keep in mind where you will store the additional blades and accessories since they are likely to take as much space as the food processor.

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Additional Features


There are a few added features and benefits of the Braun kitchen machine we need to point out. These include the following:

  • Speed control is a step-less dial. This means the speed is not isolated to just the 15 marked settings but is a true variable speed range from a slow 300RPM to 2000RPM.
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor.
  • Surprisingly quiet operation.
  • Cord storage area to aid in keeping your countertop uncluttered.
  • Bowls and accessories are dishwasher safe.
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Included Accessories


Braun has made certain you will be able to take care of most kitchen food processing chores by including a wide variety of accessories which include:

  • Dough tool for mixing stiff yeast dough, pasta, and other stiff mixes.
  • Propeller for whipping cream and other frothy concoctions.
  • Stainless steel slicing insert for slicing cucumbers, potatoes, and other items.
  • Extra coarse stainless steel shredding insert.
  • Fine shredding insert made from stainless steel.
  • Mini chopper insert for chopping nuts, onions, carrots, and other ingredients.
  • Juice extractor for making fresh squeezed citrus juices.
  • Whipping and blending tool for mixing cake mixes and other thinner recipes.
  • 2-liter plastic bowl and lid. Bowl includes an easy grasping handle for pouring.
  • Food pusher.


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Optional Items and Accessories


You may not feel the need to buy any additional accessories since Braun has covered most of the bases, but you might want to consider a few of these popular optional items:

  • The CombiMax French Fry System.
  • Coarse Slicing Insert for thicker slices.
  • Julienne Slicing Disc
  • Extra 2 liter bowl – You will be amazed at how often you will use a second bowl if you have it handy.
  • Extra food pusher – If you choose to get an extra bowl you may wish to have an extra food pusher so clean-up can wait until you are finished cooking.

If you have never owned a food processor before you will soon understand why two of these accessories are really handy. The extra bowl will allow you to quickly swap out bowls and keep working. As an example, you may need to beat some whipped topping for your pie and in the next moment be chopping onions for a soup. With two bowls you can keep moving without needing to wait to wash the bowl first. You are buying a food processor to speed up your cooking, which the second bowl makes happen.

The second accessory which you will probably feel is an essential very rapidly is the coarse slicing blade. If you like thickly sliced cucumber, potatoes, and other ingredients for cooking, then you will want to add this accessory.


The Pros and Cons of the Braun K650 Kitchen Machine


As with any type of small kitchen appliance, there are always a few outstanding features and few things we wish were a little better. Here is our look at the Pros and Cons of the kitchen machine.




  • Powerful 600 watt motor with variable speed control.
  • A wide range of grating, slicing, and mixing attachments.
  • High-quality bowl.
  • Great safety features including the dual locking bowl and overload sensor.
  • Adequate capacity at 2 liters, especially strong on liquid capacity.
  • Small footprint for easy storage or for keeping on the counter.
  • Controls are easy to reach and use.
  • Pulse button for precise mixing control.




Coarse slicing blade not included. This is something most people want for slicing fried potatoes and other coarsely sliced food items.

Bowl can be easily stained by carrots and other foods. Braun recommends cleaning with vegetable oil which works with mixed results.

Warranty requires shipping product in for repairs or delivering to a repair depot. You may be without your kitchen machine for weeks if a repair is required.


Consumer Ratings


The Braun K650 receives high reviews from consumers around the world. Nearly all negative reviews are isolated to individual failed units or add-on accessories which were not immediately available. It is interesting to note a few negative reviews mentioned high vibration levels. This is contrary to what the majority of reviewers report. Over 93% of reviewers give the product an outstanding rating and report great performance.

One high point in consumer reviews of the K650, and most Braun products, is the high-quality customer service people receive when they call with questions or for repairs. Braun stands solidly behind their products. You will find very few reports of people needing to send their food processor in for repairs, which is a great testament on its own.




The K650 is priced very competitively with other smaller sized food processors. You will be hard pressed to find another mixer with the wide variety of accessories, power, and variable speed control which matches the price. You can find the K650 for well under $200.


Our Conclusion


After looking over the Braun MultiQuick 3 K650 very closely we must give it a very high recommendation. The product is ideal for the average user who does not cook in high volume. If you have a very large family or do a lot of entertaining you may wish to look at a larger food processor, but for most of us, this unit is great.

The combination of power, smaller size, and the wide array of included accessories make this a great addition to your kitchen. The one thing we want to remind you is to not consider this kitchen machine as a replacement for a good stand mixer if you enjoy baking. The 2-cup flour capacity will leave you disappointed, but for the majority of us, it is perfectly adequate.

If you are looking for a food processor or kitchen machine which can handle most of your common tasks, is reasonably priced, and durable, then give this Braun machine a closer look.

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